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Battlefield Hardline Cheats and Hacks

bfhardlineNOW WITH CHAMS AND SUPER JUMP. Never miss again with the addition of Battlefield Hardline Hacks. Looking for the PRO Look? Maybe just semi-pro action. With the ability to enable or disable all features you can choose how you want your game to end. If your looking for an edge, enable the BF5 ESP and always know where your enemy is located. Tired of missing that shot, or getting hit just before you pull the trigger, enable the BF5 aimbot and you will be the first to get the kill. From Beta action, too the full release join TKO-Hacks today and own the battlefield.

Battlefield Hardline Cheats at TKO will keep you ahead of your opponents and always on the top of the leader boards at the end of the game. BF5 hacks are brought to you for closed Beta action. While FairFight will be a leading role in your want to keep a legit look, you can rest assured that cheats from TKO will always have the option to use as little or as many features as you want. Ramp it up for full PRO veteran look, or dial it down to stack up the points like BF Virgin

BF Hardline Cheat ESP Features
      • SUPER JUMP, Take your battle to the top of a building with Super Jump: EXCLUSIVELY BY de.bug
          • CHAMS, Always see your enemy with easy to spot CHAMS: EXCLUSIVELY BY de.bug
          • Nametags, Spot your favourite enemy from miles away and make a B-Line for there position to kill them
          • Distance, See how far your enemy is for more legit play, decide to shoot them or move closer.
          • Bounding Boxes, Easily spot the enemy with the colored bounding box, bounding box colors can be changed per team for easy identification
          • Bounding Box Width, Change the width to suit you gaming style for accurately seeing where a player is
          • Healthbars, low on health wondering if you should take them on, see their health before you make a decision.
          • Fade, Change how prominent the ESP shows on your screen to best assist your game play.
BF Hardline Cheats Aimbot Features
        • Selectable Bone, Select a bone or take advantage of the TKO hack rotating bone aiming for safer play.
        • Selectable Aim Key, Choose an aim key that suits your game style
        • BulletDrop, Auto compensation for bullet drop and other game environment issues
        • Visibility Checks, Never waste bullets, turn on visibility check and only aim at visible enemies
        • Stick to target, No point hitting a target once set the aimbot to stick to target to increase the chances of a successful kill.
        • AutoSwitch, Never want to be caught off guard use autoswitch to switch to another player that comes within your field of View
        • FOV, Change the radius that the aimbot will actually seek out new enemies this is set to low for legit play and high for rage.
        • Aimspot, Shows the hitmarker so you can make a decision as to hit the fire button or not.
BF Hardline Hack Bonus Features

Bonus Features include

Battlefield Hardline Removals

Sky, remove sky from game to make it easier to see planes etc,
Fog, remove fog to see longer distances
Recoil, no recoil which gives you steady aim
Spread , remove spread so the bullets hit the target
Sun, remove sun to enable better visuals

Battlefield Hardline Misc

FPS – Show your Frames per second
Time – Show your local time
Ping – Show your ping
Screenshot Beep – Want to know when PB is screen shoting you then enable this to find out
Screenshot Count – count the screenshots you get in game
Adjustable Crosshair – change the crosshair style, size and color

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battlefield hardline aimbot

As you can see from the screenshots and video the Battlefield Hardline cheats and hacks will be the best available on the net. Assurance in knowing you will have the best staff, and coder with years of experience behind his work.
Lead the way on the battlefield, don’t follow.

Battlefield Hardline Cheat Features

Super Jump and CHAMS now INCLUDED

BF5 Cheat ESP

Bounding Boxes
Bounding Box Width

BF5 Cheat Aimbot

Selectable Bone ( BF4 Rotating BoneScan )
Selectable Aim Key
Visibility Checks
Stick to target

BF5 Hacks Removals


BF5 Hacks Misc

Screenshot Beep
Screenshot Count
Adjustable Crosshair

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