Dirty Bomb Hacks And Cheats

Dirty Bomb Hacks & Cheats

DIRTY BOMB HACKS  includes the deadliest aimbot ever made.

dirtybomb1Dirty Bomb Hack, Never miss again when you enable the aimbot for Dirty Bomb cheats. Want to keep it looking real, enable the Dirty Bomb ESP and gain the advantage on the battlefield. From Legit play to full RAGE, you will know your at home at TKO-Hacks.com.

Dirty Bomb by the developers Splash Damage has been picked up by Nexon and promises to be the next smash hit when it comes to free 2 play First Person Shooter games. Newly progressed past the Alpha game play testing Dirty Bomb shows why they will be at the top of the charts. Tired of fighting other cheat users and always loosing? At TKO-Hacks you will never loose again! Fire up the Dirty Bomb hacks and we will see you on the battlefield.

Dirty Bomb Hack – Be the best with TKO Hacks

Dirty Bomb Hack – Be the best with TKO Hacks

Features (full features list may change)

Dirty Bomb Cheats Aimbot

  • Adjustable FOV , Change the field of view of the aimbot to suit low for more legit play or high for rage hacking.
  • Auto Fire, Set the autofire to on if you want it to automatically shoot the enemy without pressing a button
  • Auto switch Targets, will auto switch to next available target great for raging
  • Bone scan, Will scan the next available bone if the one you have selected is not available
  • No Spread, Will hit the target point directly without Bullet drop
  • OPK
  • Selectable Bone Aim, Choose the bone you want to hit, head, chest, neck, etc.
  • Smooth Aim, Will aim smoother without snapping to the player to make the game play look more legitimate.
  • Stick To Target, will stick to the target until you have successfully killed them
  • Tellekill
  • Visibility Checks, ensures the player is visible before aiming or shooting at them.

Dirty Bomb ESP

  • Bounding Box
  • ESP Fade
  • Explosive Spheres
  • Name Tags
  • Show Fog
  • Show FPS
  • Show Time


  • Ghost Mode
  • Glitch Mode


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