Nether Hacks

Nether Hacks With Aimbot And ESP

When you activate the Nether Cheat from, all players immediately become your prey. You can hunt effectively with  Player and Nether Esp not forgetting our exclusive Loot ESP feature, Find the  items you need fast with the built in Item Esp . We are looking forward to the future addition of our Nether Aimbot which will have No-Recoil, and Instant Hit features that make you an absolute monster, this however is still in testing.

Below is a list of features being worked on by the coder and may very depending on the progress or detection risks.

Features of the Nether Hacks from

Nether Cheat ESP

    • Player ESP see all players close to you
    • Nether ESP see all Nether close to you
    • Item ESP see all items close to you
    • Item ESP color Selection
    • Weapons ESP see Weapons other players hold
    • Health ESP see Health of other player
    • Safe Zone Location
    • Distance to Safe Zone

Nether Cheat Aimbot

    • Player Aimbot, auto aim at other players
    • Trigger Bot, set trigger bot on / off auto fire
    • Nether aimbot auto lock onto Nether
    • No Spread
    • No-Recoil
    • Prediction
    • No Bullet Drop
    • Instant Hit

Other Features of Nether Hacks

    • Pickup time removal
    • No Clip
    • Daytime hack, turn night to day
    • Flight Mode
    • Extended spawn protection

The aim of the nether game

Nether is trying to set themselves apart from other FPSMMO games by introducing factions / tribes. By joining a Tribe, players will have the ability to earn rewards for stronger offensive and defensive skills, bigger cash and loot drops, more room to hoard inventory items, etc.

The aim for Nether is that “Tribes” fight for control of the cities strategic vantage points, which will provide better control over enemy manoeuvres, the ability to alter market prices or control mission objectives in their favour.

Tribes in Nether will change the survival experience by creating a social construct, with all the consequences of behaviour that you would expect in normal life.

We have all however all seen how the developers vision of the game gets smashed to pieces as online gaming evolves, there is usually no utopia when FPS is mixed with MMO, FPS players want to kill everyone where MMO players want to dominate the objectives. It will be interesting to see how all this pans out over the coming months and years. The Nether game can be purchased at STEAM for $14.99. Keep an eye out for sales and promotions as this price will very depending on the day.

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